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Thomas - Sciatiac 2019

I have a collapsed vertebra for years and has led to the nerves being pinched on my lower back. Resulting in shooting electric like pain in my buttock, that travels down the back of the leg and into my foot and toes.  When the pain strikes, simple actions like sneezing or coughing is almost unbearable. I was introduced to PainFree by a friend. Within a day I was mobile and the pain quickly subsided. By allowing my muscles to relax, it has taken the stress off my back and given me huge relief. I even sleep better at night.

foot gout.jpg


James, Gout 2019

I have always had a constant battle with Gout all my life. The swelling and the pain is quite unbearable when it fully flares up. Last year I discovered PainFree Concentrate. I admit I was a skeptic, with so many products on the market making claims. But after persisting with it for 3 days, I found the swelling reduced, the inflammation not as red and the pain had decreased considerably. Gout pain is very acute and to have something ease the sharp throbbing is this oil...



Diane, Arthritis - 2018

I can't believe within 2 days of using this oil I was almost pain free in my hands.

I was in so much pain with my arthritis everyday and taking pills only eased it so far, but this PainFree Oil has given me the ability to use my hand again and hold objects that I couldn't for a long time.  Using it twice daily makes all the difference to my day to day.

I can't imagine being without it now.  Thanks.



Brian, Knee Injury 2016

I had a few falls and my knee took the brunt of the fall. My knees got so bad I could not kneel down or bend down. I thought this was the end for me being mobile. I was in so much pain. I used the Pain Relief Balm. I applied some on top of my knee and also on the lower side. The next day, I felt more mobile, within 3 days of using the balm 3 times a day, my swelling had gone and I can actually bend down and kneel on my knees in the garden without another thought or an ounce of pain. This Pain Relief works fast and really well.

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Tony Hall, Eczema 2016

Fix My Skin is an excellent natural product. I had previously tried two cortisone creams for an eczema rash around my eye. They just made my skin red and thin. After only four days, Fix My Skin cleared the problem completely. I was very impressed. "Hi Maggi, My eye was completely fixed in 3 days!!!! You are a miracle worker. I have referred 2 other people to your site already. "



Annie, Migraines 2016

I was first recommended SenZen Oil for headaches and migraines, I found it gave me relief within minutes. I have also used SenZen Oil when I injured my spine, the oil gave me a tingling feeling then it would warm up the area (helping to circulate blood) and give relief. As it is all natural, I could use it as often as needed.

I have recommended SenZen Oil to family and friends. Thank you Maggi.

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