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Handmade from 100% vegetable oil-based glycerin, our soap products are healthy everyday treats for the skin. An effective and natural moisturizer, glycerin attracts and retains water leaving your skin clean, supple, nourished and moisturised along with a creamy and luxurious lather. We also add jojoba oil and silk powder to our soaps making them extra moisturizing. 


You will LOVE the way your skin feels after you've used it!


Our soap products are not only a treat for the skin they come in a variety of shapes and scents to provide a feast for the senses and it’s all Vegan. Scented with authentic aromas our soaps have therapeutic properties that can influence your mood. Our soaps are original designs, made and cut by hand and come in an assortment of colours to suit any preference.

All our soaps are handmade, therefore the soap you get will not be exactly that of the picture.
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