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Junk foods, sweets, soft drinks, chocolates etc. are addictive. There is no question about it… junk food addiction and drug addiction are basically identical, they light up the same areas in the brain.


For many people, food, sweet or even nicotine addiction can become a very real and very serious problem.

The biochemistry of the brain gets hijacked and people lose control over their thoughts and behaviour. They end up eating way too much of these foods and are simply unable to stop, no matter how hard they try.

One minute, you're innocently going about your day—the next, you're in the clutches of desire. Your object of lust: a chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing. Next thing you know, you're licking frosting off your fingers.

What just happened? You were clobbered by a food craving, an urge or a strong desire for a particular food. People don’t crave broccoli and cabbage. It’s more likely to be sweets or chocolates. These urges are fuelled by feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine, released when you eat these types of foods, which creates a rush of euphoria that your brain seeks over and over. Most people don’t even know that food addiction exists, it is however, a huge problem in society today and one of the key reasons it is next to impossible for some people to stick to a healthy diet.


WILLPOWER was created to combat overindulgence by reducing your food and sweet cravings after inhalation.

We feel full because of a special mechanism in our brain. One reason we stop eating comes from signals designating being full or a sense of being satisfied. An emotional state can also trigger a desire for food and we can control these feelings by inhaling certain scents.

Research shows that appetite and the sense of smell are closely connected. In fact, studies have found that our sense of smell actually triggers feelings of fullness before our stomach does and can help us suppress appetite and all those irrational emotional responses we have to food.

Using our sense of smell consciously can give us control where our will power fails. For most people, using scents can curb cravings. Researchers found that by inhaling an aroma throughout the day, can inhibit the desire to eat. Studies found that the more people used scent to control their appetite, the more weight they lost.

Topical application of essential oils in WILLPOWER is a highly effective natural appetite suppressant because essential oils are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system. The more you use, the more effective they will be.



It is very easy to get addicted to smoking but it is quite a lot harder to kick off this habit. Aromatherapy treatment with Essential Oils cannot magically remove the cravings for tobacco in an instant but it plays a significant role in your effort to give up smoking and staying quit and can help overcome the craving to smoke.

This complex formula involves several carefully chosen oils for their abilities and properties to help efficiently to eradicate the mental stress, dullness, stress, emotional disturbance etc. by soothing your mind and effectively revitalizing your body and can work wonders in curbing the craving for smoking by helping you refrain from grabbing that cigarette when the urges arise during the withdrawal process.

The main ingredient in this formula is Tobacco Absolute. This oil is extracted from Tobacco leaves by Alcohol Method. Tobacco plant is botanically known as Nicotiana tabacum, commonly known as Aztec tobacco, wild tobacco and Indian tobacco. In the extraction process nicotine, which is the offending element is removed making it is safe to use. The scent is very similar to that of tobacco so it helps to mimic tobacco without inhalation. Tricks the brain into thinking you have smoked a cigarette.  


For this to work well, you need to apply it onto the wrist that you normally hold the cigarette. Lift arm to inhale like you would with a cigarette and then put arm down like you would do a smoking action. Instead of smoking, you are inhaling. This tricks the brain into thinking you are smoking and thus satisfying the craving for nicotine. Repeat as often as needed. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a substitute for nicotine patches or other quit smoking aids. This Oil blend is to help curb these cravings in the first 2 mins of your craving during your effort to quit.

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