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Our purpose are to provide a healthy, safe, effective

non-toxic alternative to harsh chemical products for

our families to use daily and yours too.

Each collection is formulated with the sensitive

skin in mind and crafted with wholesome natural

ingredients to Rejuvenate, Heal and Protect.


Every ingredient we use has been chosen for its 

quality and health benefits so that our bodies can

utilize it to heal from within.

Handmade in Brisbane, Australia each product

is made in small batches to ensure a constant
standard and freshness are maintained.


Aromatherapy based Herbal Remedies for the Whole Family

Harnessing the power of plants, flowers and herbs using infused herbal oils for medicinal use has been practiced by the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese for centuries. We at Blends, combine the wisdom of this traditional healing with modern science to create highly effective formulas.

The Herbal Remedies work in synergy to stimulate the nervous system to release congestion and re-balance areas of the body affected by physical or mental stress.

Plant-derived ingredients, herbal infused oils, cold pressed and steam distilled essential oils and unrefined butters are used, the result is a finely blended product, full of goodness for you and designed to enhance cell renewal, circulation and detoxification, while their aromas act on the deepest parts of the brain to enhance our mood and emotions allowing you to Feel Better, Look Better...Be Better.                        

Perfect for All Ages.
Never Tested on Animals ..Only Family
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