This is a delicious tranquil combination of herbs designed for a serene night time escape, that will calm your senses and ease you into a blissful night's sleep, relaxes your mind and body so that you can have a restful night sleep.                 




  • Chamomile: Best known natural sedative for mild anxiety, calm nervousness both mentally and physically. 

    Lavender: A traditional herb for sleep and calming. It increases slow-wave sleep, also known as deep sleep, and REM sleep                             

    Passionflower: This herb is a mild sedative and has a tranquilizing effect for relaxation, reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system. Improves sleep quality.                                         

    Peppermint: One of the best calming agents available, it eases anxiety and tension, relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and has an overall calming, soothing effect on the whole digestive system. It promotes a good night’s sleep.                                                  

    Lemon Balm to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. Cause sleepiness and drowsiness.                                             

    Catnip: is valued for its sedative and relaxant properties used traditionally to alleviate nervous tension and exhaustion. It may also promote emotional well-being and relaxation during times of stress. 

    Valerian: Good for a racing, worried mind. Valerian helps to calm the brain and body rather than inducing sleep directly, allowing sleep to occur naturally.                                             

     Hops is used for anxiety, inability to sleep (insomnia) and other sleep disorders, restlessness, tension, excitability, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), nervousness, and irritability